About Tampa Bay Women in Tourism

Our objectives are to foster both social and professional contacts between members. We aim to promote good business relationships between the companies, clients, and other travel organizations. We support local charities devoted to the care and protection of women and children in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our members consist of female professionals. We are actively seeking new members who are working in the the tourism and travel industry, associated with the travel industry or support the travel industry. Tampa Bay Women In Tourism Tampa Bay Inc. is a not-for-profit organization.

Tampa Bay Women in Tourism is an innovative, professional group of Tampa Bay women, committed to delivering high standards and fostering goodwill within the broad spectrum that constitutes the travel and tourism Industry.

Tampa Bay Women in Tourism was founded in 1982. The association is dynamic, professional, and has a strong industry base membership. This wide range of partners includes airlines, hotel accommodations, travel industries, tour operators, hospitality, tourism, and related industries.

Tampa Bay Women in Tourism has been active in the community for over 40 years and is committed to bringing professionals within the tourism industry from our venues, tour operators, small business owners, and suppliers together each month to present the current issues, hear from leaders in our industry and city, and provide a centralized location for networking.

All money raised by our organization, through our monthly raffles, is given directly back to Tampa Bay-based charities to assist our community. Tampa Bay  Women in Tourism has seen an increase in attendance to our events year over year basis because we have never swayed from the core purpose of the organization – to support, promote and showcase the amazing products and services that Tampa Bay has to offer.

Welcome to Tampa Bay Women in Tourism. Our organization exists to unite and represent the interests of professional women for educational and networking activities in the sale and promotion of tourism. Tampa Bay Women In Tourism was founded by a group of travel executives in 1982 and continues to be led by a formidable group of professional women today.



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