The Kind Mouse

The Kind Mouse has been chosen by our members as our 2018 Charity of the Year!

This charity's mission is to assist hard-working families & their hungry children who are going through economic challenges. "No hardworking individual should ever feel despair due to economic hardships beyond their control. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their own homes. And no one should ever go hungry". Thus a confidential 90 Day Transitional Family Program was started. For hardworking people who never, ever thought they would be in this position. 90 days where food and pet supplies are given weekly to those who qualify. 90 days to concentrate on finding employment. 90 days reprieve of worrying where their next meals were coming from. 90 days to clear their heads. 90 days to feel whole again. 90 days to regain their dignity. 90 days. Additionally, The Kind Mouse has recently created a food bank called Jane's Pantry for needy Pinellas County school children. They provide 9 meals per child per week and approximately 400-weekend meals for hungry children.